One Man’s Road


This is a story of a New Zealand man who was destined for a life on the road. It is about the adventures he had and the people he met on, and off, New Zealand roads from North Cape to Bluff and a few other roads around the world. It is about the excitement of not knowing where a new road will take you.

It is about a young boy’s desire to ride motorbikes and drive trucks, even own them.Their noise, the thrill of their vibrations, the satisfaction of being in control, and, after lots of practice, the delight in being able to operate them to their absolute limits. The call of the road beckoned him hard from day one!

This is also a story about this man’s quest to find out who he really truly is and to ‘know’ his purpose in life. It was at first his ignorant quest. It eventually evolved into a most desperate quest to have his questions unequivocally answered.

And it is about his discovery of the indomitable spirit, the ‘wairua’ – the will, if you like – of man.

A storyteller should have a name, I suppose. Call me Mad Stan.

One Man's Road

One Man’s Road

Being a truck driver myself 45yrs on the road line haul & heavy hauler thought I’d congratulate you on such a great book. I was able to relate to a few of the stories of which I know to be true. I know some of the people that you talk about. I’m sure anyone that buys this book will enjoy it.

Mike Kearney

This is a great story of a man with a passion for trucking and motorcycles who lost his way and found himself again and became who he always was to begin with, great read and I couldn’t put book down. Thank you Patrick for sharing your life story.

Ashley Orringe

One Man’s Road – Book


A true tale of a life on the road, leading to an enlightenment and a self-consciousness of what ‘life’ truly honestly is.

336 pages with a soft cover and professionally bound.

Made with love in New Zealand, ISBN registered and currently a 1st Edition print.

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