About The Author

About the author

Patrick J O'Brien, Kiwi Trucker

Through my poems, I’ve tried to share something of what I’ve learnt of myself. Because you see I am an emotional being, a human, the same as all of you, and now I can live a life knowing what for me is exactly true.

All of my life I had to know truthfully what it means to be a man and a human, and thanks to experiences I’ve lived and the grace of what is, I’m now able to say honestly, we’re all here to feel and be part of an incredibly, near unbelievable miraculous illusion.

May peace be with you and the love and the light of our creator, fill every one of you with your own individual comprehension and understanding.

White Line In Mind is a tribute to all the people I have met and have come to know, throughout Aotearoa and other countries around the world, like me who have lived and have felt of these machines on different roads.

Patrick J O’Brien
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White Line In Mind

An eclectic collection of 48 beautiful poems about life as a trucker on the roads of New Zealand and around the world. 

White Line In Mind

Video Poetry

To drive a motor vehicle is a privilege not a right, contradictory to the thinking of many people being feeling living human LIFE!

Bitumen n Back by Patrick J. O'Brien

Bitumen n Back is one of many stories of mine, as are the rest of them in a book I have published titled ‘White Line in Mind’.

Being Matter Being by Patrick O'Brien

Being me my matter being energy, is me as I’ve learned to so far share of my experiencing. Being energy naturally, happily gratefully knowing energy is everything. One love unconditionally.
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One Man’s Road

A true tale of a life on the road, leading to an enlightenment and a self-consciousness of what ‘life’ truly honestly is. 

One Man's Road

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