White Line In Mind

A Kiwi trucker’s view of life through verse, with pictures too!

White Line In Mind by Patrick J O’Brien is simply a collection of stories of mine, and of one or two others who have also written their own down in rhyme.

White Line In Mind
What's Inside

What’s inside


48 Unique Poems

An eclectic collection of poems about life as a trucker on the roads of New Zealand and around the world.

Professionally Printed

60 pages of verse and pictures with a soft cover and professionally bound.

Made in New Zealand

ISBN registered and currently a 4th Edition print.

Roger Janine

I once knew a lovely lady and she called herself Janine, a friendly loving natural woman awesome human being. She worked in an office for a trucking company, and once she asked a question forcing laughter merrily.

She’d heard this name called Roger, being often always said, over the office R.T. radio, when drivers, trucks and boss communicated.

Roger this Roger that Roger always being said, Roger left her wondering how come inside her head. This then was her question what she asked and had to know, who’s this dude called Roger, how come him and what’s the go?

Roger being confirmation of instructions being sent, Internationally recognised and being an acknowledgement. Roger is affirmative meaning yes I know and understand, Roger being 10/4 yes I got that and I AM.

Janine she didn’t know this but she laughed so free and hard, as did all the truckers when her answered question hit the yard. Roger had her worried up till then she never knew, all this time she’d heard his name thinking he was human too.

Alas no longer here on Earth having shared herself her way, an angel being carefree smiling brightening people’s days. My pleasure having known her ’cause she helped remind me, happy caring grinning always being naturally.

So here then is my story of this woman called Janine, having touched so many lives and what to us she came to mean. Friendly loving natural, always I’ll remember her, even more when hearing truckers say, OK got that 10/4 Roger.

In loving memory and remembrance of Jeanette, a beautiful woman I could not ever forget. Only I couldn’t ever ever remember her name. Thank you Jeanette for having been you.



For anyone, an open mind leads to an open heart.
And therein is where the truth lies, and in all people resides.

Fully Illustrated


54 Unique Photos

Featuring over 54 photos of trucks, bikes and life on the road.
Patrick J O'Brien, Kiwi Trucker

The culmination of a lifetime lived, of a boyhood dream that eighteen months later burned to bits. Which helped to bring me to sit here and do this.

Patrick J O'Brien, Kiwi Trucker

Having no idea who owns it, but deeply appreciative to share of the passion as it's being lived of.

Patrick J O'Brien, Kiwi Trucker

Two and a bit years of off-highway fun, truckin' along on tar seal or metal at a hundred and twenty plus tonne. Over-length, over-width, using every bit of a lifetimes experience!

Patrick J O'Brien, Kiwi Trucker

In this truck I watched a million kilometres click over, and three hundred thousand kilometres later, sold it to another truckin' brother!


Video Poetry

To drive a motor vehicle is a privilege not a right, contradictory to the thinking of many people being feeling living human LIFE!

Bitumen n Back by Patrick J. O'Brien

Bitumen n Back is one of many stories of mine, as are the rest of them in a book I have published titled ‘White Line in Mind’.

Being Matter Being by Patrick O'Brien

Being me my matter being energy, is me as I’ve learned to so far share of my experiencing. Being energy naturally, happily gratefully knowing energy is everything. One love unconditionally.
Customer Reviews

White Line In Mind

This is a wonderful collection of poetry. It has been written from a unique and amazing point of view that anyone, who has had the pleasure of cruising around Aotearoa in a 'Big Rig' will be able to relate to.

D K Kauwhata

A heartfelt and thought-provoking insight into a trucker’s life and beyond.

Susanne Boonen

About the author

Patrick J. O'Brien, Author
Through my poems, I’ve tried to share something of what I’ve learnt of myself. Because you see I am an emotional being, a human, the same as all of you, and now I can live a life knowing what for me is exactly true.

All of my life I had to know truthfully what it means to be a man and a human, and thanks to experiences I’ve lived and the grace of what is, I’m now able to say honestly, we’re all here to feel and be part of an incredibly, near unbelievable miraculous illusion.

May peace be with you and the love and the light of our creator, fill every one of you with your own individual comprehension and understanding.

White Line In Mind is a tribute to all the people I have met and have come to know, throughout Aotearoa and other countries around the world, like me who have lived and have felt of these machines on different roads.

Patrick J O’Brien
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Now Available – Latest Book!

One Man’s Road

A true tale of a life on the road, leading to an enlightenment and a self-consciousness of what ‘life’ truly honestly is. 

One Man's Road

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